Why do I need this kit

The basics

An electromagnet is a device that generates its magnetic field from an electrical current.

60hz means 60 cycles/second and 50hz means 50 cycles/second

Most clippers work with Alternating Current (AC) in which the electric charge changes direction periodically. The frequency at which the current changes direction per second is measured in hertz.

Clipper motors

An electromagnet takes advantage of the change in current direction to change its polarity between North (N) and South (S).

The right frequency ensures proper operation of the clippers

This in turn creates a push or pull (attraction or repulsion) effect on metals which is used to create the mechanical movement of the clipper blades.


Your American clippers will mostly be rated 110v which is the maximum electric current it can handle.

American clippers need 110v power supply
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Therefore if you're in a country that supplies a higher voltage, you'll need a step-down transformer.

What's the solution?

Our kits are composed of two devices that work together to produce the right voltage and frequency for your clippers.

Affordable and portable solutions to power your clippers.
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The first is a universal (110v to 240v) power adapter that converts your AC current to DC current.

The second device is an inverter that converts the DC current back to AC at the correct voltage (110v) and frequency (60hz).

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